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With a passion and concept from the start

The family business was established in 1975 in Fussach, Vorarlberg, with a focus on technical building equipment in public buildings, industrial facilities and residential buildings.

New business areas were added when a subsidiary was established under the management of Bernd Bartosek in Vienna in 1994.

The Bartosek company became a specialist for all service areas of conventional radiology and large medical appliances. In this context, modular construction proved a forward-looking and economic alternative to conventional building in the area of medical construction and was put to use in a targeted manner for appropriate projects.

Upon the foundation of Bartosek Projektbetreuung GmbH 2004, manager Bernd Bartosek began to focus specifically on the project development of own visionary medical construction projects.

Medical construction
We are your specialist for medical construction – from inception to inauguration!
Laboratory construction
We are your partner for innovative laboratory solutions – both intramural and extramural!
Modular construction
We plan and deliver ORs, laboratories and clinical buildings and beyond!
Doctors Practices
We are your partner for Ordinationsbau. Call us for a free consultation.